Victorian M Necklace

Victorian M Necklace.jpg
Victorian M Necklace.jpg

Victorian M Necklace


Metal: 14K Gold

Stone: N/A

Era: 1900

Size: .5" L x .3" W

Chain: 18" / 14K Gold

What You Should Know: Pendant is converted from a Victorian Stick Pin.

Holy moly, we found the Mother of all personalized pendants. Got a special “M” in your life? We have the most magnificent gift.

While this antique beauty is sensational, it certainly isn’t the first piece of jewelry adorned with the letter M to go down in history. Way back in 1477, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with what is known as the very first diamond engagement ring. Exchanging rings while asking for someone’s hand in marriage was not an uncommon tradition even before then, this was the first recorded diamond one. A gesture that would become a standard many centuries later.

What was so special about this engagement ring was that the diamonds were set in a letter M shape for Mary, Maximilian, and Marriage. It feels as though the first diamond engagement ring was an alternative one!

While we know this isn’t an engagement ring, there is something so thoughtful and sweet about initial jewelry in general. And since this gold antique necklace isn’t an engagement ring, this could be the perfect token of affection to any special M someone. 

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