The Victorian Kukri Pendant

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The Victorian Kukri Pendant


Metal: 14K Gold / 10K Gold Pendant

Pendant: Measures 2" L

Stone: Ruby

Era: 1850

What you Should Know: Chain measures 18" in length. 

A kukri is a small slightly curved knife best known to the people of Nepal. Throughout history, it was a basic necessity for the Nepalese and had a utilitarian purpose. It was even used in traditional wedding ceremonies! During the Anglo-Nepalese War the kukri became a symbol of power as it was used as the primary weapon of the invaded side. Everyone already owned a kukri, and it naturally evolved into the most commonly used defensive tool.


This tiny yet stunning Victorian pendant shows the beauty of the simplicity of the kukri design. Made out of solid 10k, and strung on a 14k chain, this kukri charm was made mid 19th century. This was during the time of the East India Trading Company, when commodities of more Eastern cultures were brought back to England, the kukri being one of many.


We find it no coincidence that our kukri pendant was adorned with a deep red ruby. Along with the importance of the kukri itself, rubies were beloved in Nepal. Rubies represent protection, courage, and strength. This is the ultimate two for one when seeking those values. This ruby studded knife pendant is a talisman packed with bravery and sanctuary. 

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