The Georgian Emerald & Diamond Leaf Earrings


The Georgian Emerald & Diamond Leaf Earrings


Metal: 18K Gold & Silver

Stone: Emeralds & Rose Cut Diamonds

Face: .55" W x .6" L

Era: 1800

What You Should Know: Repurposed from a Georgian brooch and set on 14K Gold posts with push backs. Stone have been de-foiled for everyday wear. Emeralds are very bright.  Diamonds pack a ton of sparkle!

Glimpses into Georgian life can be found in the captivating words of Jane Austen, Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron, and William Wordsworth. The beauty and poetry felt from these authors of course lie in their talents, but also the specific way of life of the 18th century reflecting in their art. The same can be said of Georgian jewelry. Of course the materials like gold, silver, and precious stones can claim their own beauty, but it is the arranging and mastering of those elements in the context of their time that makes them truly wonderful.

Georgian jewelry is unlike any other. Roughly hewn stones such as diamonds, emeralds, garnets, and amethysts were set in closed backs with reflective foil to increase movement of light. Diamonds were predominantly set in silver as the thought of the time was that a white metal made the white stone look larger and even more dazzling. Gold was also expensive at the time, so there were financial benefits of using silver for settings nestled onto golden bands. Georgian jewelry has an opulent flair with a deep rooted romantic nature. Sadly, not many pieces from the 18th century have survived the years and many have fallen way to being broken apart and reset into modern pieces.

We happily were able to save a snippet of history materializing in these stunning Georgian Era earrings, converted from fragments of a turn of the 18th century large brooch. Rose cut diamonds are set in a cobblestone like pattern on top of a silver face. Vibrant green old cut emeralds pop against the white background, with a beautiful patina all around. The leaf-like shape is honoring the love of nature that appears in antique jewelry and one we think is universally beautiful. We added 18k gold posts so they can be worn everyday or for your fanciest of occasions. 

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