The Georgian Cobblestone Necklace

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091216_TOIL_2226 copy.jpg

The Georgian Cobblestone Necklace


Metal: Sterling Silver & 15k Gold

Chain: 14K Gold / 18" in Length

Stone: Diamond (Mine Cut center & Rose Cut Surround)

Size: .25" x.20"

What You Should Know: Pendant was converted from a victorian ring. 

The philosopher Aristotle once wrote about a legend he heard of diamonds. He relayed the story of a great valley in India, where diamonds were first found in abundance, that sparkled with the most beautiful stones, but was also filled with serpents which no human could look directly at and survive. Alexander the Great, who really wanted to see those diamonds, intelligently lowered a mirror down into the valley. All the snakes were mesmerized with their own reflections, and immediately died after looking into their own eyes. Still too worried to make the journey down into the mysterious valley, Alexander the Great and his men threw food down below hoping the gems would be carried up with the birds.

Whether this legend is true or not, it is the perfect portrayal of the fascination we have always had with diamonds, and the extent we’d go to to understand them.

Luckily, we didn’t have to climb down into a treacherous snake filled valley to get this necklace, but we are pretty sure we are just as entranced by it as Alexander the Great. Rose cut diamonds surround a chunky mine cut diamond in a cobblestone design that catches glimmers of light in the most beautiful way. Perfect for everyday wear, or special occasions, or feeling special every day. 

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