Georgian Diamond Lace Earrings

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Georgian Diamond Lace Earrings


Metal: 18K Gold & Silver

Stone: Mine Cut Diamond (Est. G - K / SI1 /  1.4 tcw)

Size: .75" L x .5" W

Era: 1800

What You Should Know:  18k Gold Clip-on backing for Earrings. Can be converted to posts, simply email us.

During the Georgian Era, there were societal standards when it came to jewelry. Activities of the day versus night differed so heavily, pieces were reserved for certain times of day. In the daytime, jewelry was kept a little more lighthearted and casual. During mornings and afternoons, women wore watch chains, pins, colored gemstone rings, bracelet pairs, and chatelaines. But when the sun set, the more glamorous pieces would come out. Balls and soirees required glimmering fashions, and so diamonds were appropriated for these formal events. Rose cut and old mine cut diamonds sparkled in the after hours candlelight set in rivieres, chokers, pendalogue or girandole earrings, and statement rings.

While we don’t like to discriminate against any antique beauty, it’s the Georgian night time pieces that we truly love to collect. They are particularly captivating and have an instant romantic energy. When we found this impeccable 18th century pair of diamond earrings, our hearts skipped a beat.

These Georgian earrings boast some of the most radiant and pristine old mine cut diamonds we have ever seen. We can only imagine how they sparkled at a formal ball centuries ago. Old mine cut diamonds were the choice cut during the 18th century, alongside rose cut diamonds, and have a special aura about them. They were popularized around 1740 and were cut essentially by hand. They feature a slightly squarish shape and catch natural light beautifully. An excellent choice for these elegant and dazzling earrings, these old miners are undeniably stunning. So incredibly special.



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